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About Me

My biggest passions
I Love What I Do

I love my job as researcher. But I also have many other passions, including hot air balloons, figure skating, traveling, cats, and music. And of course, I love to spend time with my family, two sons, and friends!

Hot air balloons

From childhood onwards, I have been a big fan of hot air balloons... They are so majestic and have something mysterious. As a farmer's daughter, I was very impressed when sometimes a hot air balloon landed on our property. 

For several years now, I am a crew-member of a hot-air balloon team (Hot-R). My main tasks are to prepare the balloon for a flight, to follow the balloon till landing, and to pack it again. I try to do this at least two evenings a week in the summer (March - October).

We also make international trips with our balloons - in particular Austria and France are trips I will never forget!

Authentic Tradition

It's winter time...!

Our Philosophy

Ice Skating

I love snow and ice! A few months ago, I started taking classes in figure skating. And this is absolutely amazing!! A selection of what I learned so far:

  • Falling ;)

  • Three jumps (including backward)

  • Toe loop

  • Salchow jump

  • Cross-overs (backward and forward)

  • Crossrolls (backwards and forwards)

  • Flip jump

  • Pirouettes (many types)